You Can Amaze Your Friends With An Ordinary Deck Of Cards

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10 Amazing Card Tricks DVD

Only $19.95

10 Amazing Card Tricks

Amaze Your Friends  

Have you ever thought how fun it would be to perform a few card tricks for your friends? If you are reading this, then you probably have! If you haven’t thought about, just imagine being able to borrow a deck of cards and “wow” the person with his own cards. 

Easy to Master Card Magic 

Professional magician Mike Rose (a.k.a. The Magic Kinda Guy) will personally teach you 10 amazing card tricks. These card tricks were hand selected to not only be amazing to witness, but with Mike’s guidance, amazingly easy to learn.

No Previous Magic Knowledge Needed 

Along the way Mike will also impart performance and presentation tips that will help bring your card tricks out of the realm of mere tricks and turn them into entertainment. All the card tricks taught use an ordinary deck of cards and require no previous experience. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never performed a card trick before. Mike will take you step by step through each card trick on the DVD. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you will learn. 

You’ll Be Complimented on Your Card Skill 

Click the Order Button and let’s get started. You’ll become so amazing that your friends will want to add “ini” to the end of your name!

“Me and the kids just loved this DVD – not just for the amazing tricks we learned, but for Mike’s amazing presentation and humor – it’s like getting two treats in one!  An amazing performance along with the keys to ten – well, actually eleven – amazing tricks!  Mike is a great teacher and everyone will be able to do these tricks right away.  At last – a DVD that really delivers on its promise!”
Michael from Michigan

The Amazing Card Tricks You Will Learn:

Finger Prints

Three Questions

The Pulse

Instant Cards

What the Monkeys?!

Misdirection Jacks

X-Ray Vision

I’ll Do It Again

One More

The Ukulele Trick

Also includes a Bonus 11th Trick!

The DVD is Over a Hour Long!

10 Amazing Card Tricks DVD

Only $19.95