Joe Karson – Beyond Zombie

Joe Karson Performing His Most Famous Creation
Joe Karson Performing His Most Famous Creation – The Zombie Ball

Welcome to a random sampling from the book, Joe Karson – Beyond Zombie, by Michael E. Rose.  Joe Karson, of course, invented the famous “Zombie” floating ball, but there was quite a bit more to Karson than just that.  These web pages feature several photos (some candid) and assorted remarks about Joe Karson, his creations, and his life.

Although sold out, the original book was a 6 x 9 hard bound, gold stamped book, printed on high quality, heavy glossy stock and limited to 500 copies (which are still sold out, did I mention that?).  At 210 pages, the book is divided into two main sections; Karson’s biography and Karson’s creations (books, tricks and commentary).  It has 26 photos, most not seen in many years.  Besides extensive research in New England public records, several people who knew Karson were also interviewed both magicians and laymen.  Some of the well-known magic personalities interviewed were; John Calvert, Jim Cellini, Ray & Ann Goulet, Jay Marshall, Sidney Radner, Nick Ruggiero, Les Smith, Tony Spina, Ben Stone, Parker Swan, and many others.  The book also features a Foreword by Lance Burton, one of the most famous “Zombie” workers alive.  Sadly, the first edition is sold out.

Joe Karson - Beyond Zombie First Edition
The First Edition of “Joe Karson – Beyond Zombie”

If you missed the first edition, a new and revised edition has been created in e-book form just for you.  The new revised e-book is currently available from only.  It’s has all the information that the original hardbound edition had, but a few errors have been corrected and a few omissions have been added (plus some new photos and other stuff, too!).  But you can only purchase it from the kind folks at

Want more Joe Karson?  Sure we all do!  Together with Chris Wasshuber of Mike has a second e-book available, Joe Karson Compilation.  Contained in the new e-book are Joe Karson’s books which have been out of print for over half a decade.  The e-book (which is completely searchable, wow, cool!) even includes the instruction sheets to some of Karson’s marketed tricks, including the very unique, “Voodoo.”  Click here to go directly to link to find out more.

Are you ready to take a peek inside the book?  Click on the “Karson Random Samplings” page for a look around the life of Joe Karson.

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